Common Ground Life Group

Common Ground Common Ground Life Group is a weekly meeting for teens where no topic is taboo. If our teens are facing something, Common Ground is there to talk about it and give Biblical advice to those in need. There is no problem too small or too large to discuss. Common Ground was founded in 2014 as the first of many life groups at Kingdom Harvest Church. The small group setting and open discussion format allow for a more personal experience for teens. We encourage everyone involved to participate and be open about what they are facing, with confidence that Common Ground is a safe environment in which to be totally honest. It is our sincere hope that Common Ground Life Group is a place that will help teenagers avoid the pitfalls of High School life that so many have fallen into in the past, but if they do fail, if they do mess up, we want to be the one’s to pick them up and say, “God’s not done with you, yet. He loves you in spite of your mistakes.”

Common Ground also provides training for real life situations. We have covered topics like: Changing a flat tire and automobile education, balancing a checkbook, basic carpentry & plumbing, and more.

Common Ground meetings vary in location, day, and time. One week, the meeting may take place in the Kingdom Harvest Church building, the next we may be at the local Bowling alley, the next week may be at a church member’s home for a bonfire. Two things are certain: God is always in control and no topic is off limits.